Newport Beach Truck Accident Lawyer

Newport Beach Truck Accident Lawyer

In the United States, someone dies in an accident involving a semi-truck approximately every 15 minutes. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a total of 4,119 people died after being struck by large trucks in 2019, with an average of 5,000 deaths in years before. As there were 23,074 deaths among vehicle occupants in 2019, this means that 18% of all traffic fatalities were caused by 18-wheelers, despite the fact that they made up just 4% of all registered vehicles on the road. This is a massive spike in risk of serious injury or death.

Despite developments in faster transportation methods, semi-trucks are considered one of the most dependable and effective means to deliver goods throughout the country and are thus very prevalent on the roadways. As imported goods from China arrive daily at the Port of Los Angeles and San Diego, severe accidents involving semi-trucks are increasingly common across California. As a result, drivers in Newport Beach must be especially cautious on the road.

If you or a loved one have suffered from a devastating semi-truck accident in Newport Beach, the truck accident attorneys at Younglove Law Group Personal Injury & Accident Attorneys are ready to help. Our experienced Newport Beach truck accident attorneys are proud to offer aggressive legal representation for those who have been injured in truck accidents in California, whether as a driver or as a passenger.

How Can an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney Help?

When you have been involved in an accident involving a semi-truck, you will suddenly be confronted with multiple issues all at once. Not only will your vehicle need repair or replacement, but you will also have to deal with insurance companies, get the proper medical treatment, and find a way to pay for it. 

In the period immediately following an accident, insurance companies often prey on unrepresented people by offering them quick cash to settle their claims for far less than they would have received had they retained a qualified attorney. Do not fall victim to the insurance companies scam. Get in touch with Younglove Law Group to learn your legal avenues for relief.

Our talented Newport Beach truck accident attorneys have handled thousands of cases involving severe injuries, recovering over $40 million in compensation for clients. On average, the cost of a truck accident can cost shipping companies and their insurers anywhere from $200,000 to $7 Million, and it is our commitment to see that you receive your fair compensation for a collision. If you are injured, schedule your free and confidential consultation to speak to an experienced semi-truck accident lawyer about your situation—we’d love to help!

Prompt Investigation For a Truck Accident Is Essential

The importance of a prompt investigation by one of our experienced semi-truck accident attorneys cannot be overstated. Evidence can be misplaced, and witnesses may forget important details of the truck crash. When you retain a seasoned semi-truck accident attorney from Younglove Law Group, we begin our investigation immediately to collect evidence to support your case, including facts regarding:

  • The accident scene
  • The condition of the vehicles involved
  • Findings in the investigator’s report
  • Compliance with federal laws

At Younglove Law Group, our truck accident lawyers investigate these matters immediately after our clients retain our representation in their truck accident cases. This information is vital in building a solid case to recover just and favorable compensation that our clients deserve.

You should always consult with a Newport Beach semi-truck accident lawyer before repairing your vehicle. That is vital to prevent any effort by the defense lawyer to demonstrate your car had a malfunction that contributed to the crash. When you partner with Younglove Law Group, we partner with semi-truck accident experts to assist with the investigation to build your case.

  • Client satisfaction is our top priority.
  • We pride ourselves on responsiveness and always get back to you the same day you contact us. 
  • We are a real law firm, not a referral service.
  • Your case will be handled by experienced legal professionals
  • Your case will not be passed around with repeated changes to your primary contact.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Injuries from a Truck Accident in California?

Even at low speeds, accidents involving semi-trucks can cause severe injury or death because they are often up to 20 times larger than cars and weigh upwards of 10,000 pounds. The large metal frames of the cabs surrounding truck drivers also mean that they are far less likely to be harmed in a crash. 74% of injuries and 82% of deaths in semi-truck accidents are to those in the passenger vehicle impacted by the truck. The increased risks of driving trucks means that drivers and their employers are subject to more rules and regulations and have a higher degree of responsibility on the road.

Truck accidents must be thoroughly investigated because liability is often not as straightforward as in an automobile accident. In an automobile accident, it is typically straightforward who is to blame: one or more of the drivers involved. However, in a truck accident, more potential parties might be liable.

The Truck Driver

If the truck driver’s negligence caused the accident, they are liable for it. However, it will ultimately be the truck driver’s employer’s insurance policy that is likely to cover your damages. That is because California law holds an employer liable for damages caused by their employee’s negligence within the scope of their employment.

The Truck Driver’s Employer

Some accidents are caused through no fault of the truck driver. Circumstances in the company they work for can contribute to a crash, shifting liability towards the business itself. For example, an employer might have:

  • Required the driver to drive longer hours than the legal limit in California
  • Loaded the truck incorrectly
  • Failed to maintain the truck properly

All of these scenarios could have caused the truck to malfunction and end up in an accident. Forcing dangerous and illegal timelines on their drivers can be a serious offence, as fatigued driving can be as hazardous as drunk driving in certain cases. Trucking companies are required to inspect and maintain their trucks regularly, and the failure to do so can make the employer liable if it leads to an accident.

A Truck Manufacturer

The truck may have been involved in the accident because of a defective part failure, like brake failures, tire blowouts, or problems with the power steering. While a lack of proper maintenance may cause this, if a defective part causes a truck accident, the manufacturer of that part can be held liable for your injuries. Product liability lawsuits in such cases are a good avenue for recovery from the negligent manufacturer. 

A Governmental Entity

Claims against government entities are complex, but they have certain obligations to the public, including maintaining public roads. If a road defect caused a truck accident, the governmental entity responsible for maintaining that road could be held liable for your injuries.

Additionally, some stretches of road are known to have repeated accidents of the same type. If a governmental entity is aware of this, has an affordable option to address it, and neglects to do so, they can be held liable for the injuries that result.

What Compensation Can I Recover in a California Truck Accident Case?

After suffering injuries in a collision with a semi-truck, California civil laws allow victims to sue the negligent party for any damages caused by the defendant’s careless actions. The goal here is restoring the injured party to good health and wellbeing, while providing for all associated costs and suffering due to the accident. There are two types of compensatory damages California allows, economic and non-economic.

Compensatory damages are available in every semi-truck accident lawsuit in Newport Beach and the State of California. In some cases, a judge may award punitive damages in cases of gross negligence to deter others from engaging in similar conduct. Compensation that Younglove Law Group’s Newport Beach semi-truck accident attorneys fight for include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Physical impairment
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death and survival damages (in appropriate cases)

If you feel that one or more of these apply to you in the wake of a truck accident, reaching out to an experienced attorney is the surest way to secure a fair payout. There are many factors and circumstances that must be considered when drawing up settlements, and your compensation should be commensurate to the impact a crash has had on your life and livelihood. Keep reading to learn more about the compensation you deserve after a semi-truck collision.

Get the Medical Treatment You Need

The law requires the negligent party to pay for the injured person’s medical expenses, so please do not wait to seek medical treatment if you were injured in a truck accident. 

The days immediately following the accident are the most critical time for you to seek treatment, as confirmed in medical literature. Immediate treatment provides the best chance at a quick recovery and the best chance at identifying injuries that might worsen without medical attention. Additionally, delaying medical treatment can hurt your case. A paper trail of medical treatment is the best evidence you can present as an injured plaintiff. 

At Younglove Law Group, your health is our top priority. After you have sought initial treatment, our team of legal professionals can help you get the right kind of treatment for your injuries so you can heal as quickly as possible and get the best possible outcome on your claim. 

We pride ourselves on being one of the few firms that has never had a client owe any out-of-pocket expenses at the close of their case. We are honest and thorough. We do the work to make sure our clients’ medical bills are taken care of out of their settlement.

Help with Your Property Damages 

We understand being deprived of your vehicle can cause significant disruptions to your life, so we work closely with you, the insurance company, and the auto repair shop to ensure your vehicle is taken care of as quickly as possible. We can also advise you about any rental vehicle you might need and help you get what you deserve from the truck’s insurance company. 

Because trucking companies carry extensive insurance policies, their insurance companies are notoriously difficult to reach. They are known to ignore unrepresented people entirely. Additionally, they often make arbitrary liability decisions, which delays full payment on your vehicle and rental. Getting your vehicle repaired or replaced in a trucking claim can be a complicated process to navigate. We can guide you through this process to help you get the best possible outcome. 

When the cost to repair your vehicle is greater than its value, your vehicle will be deemed a total loss. Do not let the trucking insurance company lowball the compensation for your vehicle and the related expenses of obtaining a replacement. We can help you get the best possible deal for your totaled vehicle. 

Truck Accident Success Story

We were able to obtain a $1,000,000 settlement for a client of ours who suffered severe injuries in a truck accident. Our highest priority for each client is to evaluate their case and reach the maximum possible settlement based on their unique circumstances. Read more about it, as well as some of our other case results by clicking here

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

Accidents with semi-trucks in the United States are dangerous and result in a fatality every 15 minutes. Due to the size and nature of trucks, truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries and more fatalities when compared to other standard vehicles. The most common causes of truck accidents include distracted driving, speeding, aggressive driving, fatigued driving, insufficient driver training, severe weather conditions, road construction, vehicle malfunctions, and driving under the influence. 

What Should I Look for in a Newport Beach Truck Accident Attorney?

There are plenty of truck accident attorneys in Newport Beach. However, in order to find the right Newport Beach truck accident attorney for you, look for the following traits: compassionate, honest, a clear communicator, reputable (among former clients and within the legal community), transparent, and, most importantly, experienced in handling truck accidents.

How Long Do I Have to File a Trucking Accident Lawsuit in California?

Both federal and state governments have statutes of limitations, which are laws that set forth when lawsuits must be filed in order to remain valid. A claim that is not filed timely can become forever time barred. Thus, the moment you become an accident victim and suffer serious personal injuries in California, the clock starts ticking. The general time limit imposed by California for presenting personal injury claims from a trucking accident is two years.

Schedule a Free Case Review with an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer in Newport Beach

At Younglove Law Group Personal Injury & Accident Attorneys, our Newport Beach semi-truck accident lawyers have had enormous success representing injured clients who have suffered injuries in catastrophic accidents. If you suffered injuries in a semi-truck collision caused by the negligence of another party, you need a skilled, seasoned Newport Beach semi-truck accident attorney at your side during this difficult time.

Our semi-truck accident attorneys are fighters who are committed to securing the most favorable outcomes for our clients in their time of need. Younglove Law Group focuses exclusively on personal injury cases, with an emphasis on claims involving catastrophic injuries. Our skilled accident attorneys have earned various recognitions and awards for their commitment to their clients, including a Justia 10.0 Lawyer Rating, an Avvo Rating of 10.0 Top Attorney, and more. 

To speak with a skilled Newport Beach semi-truck accident lawyer about your potential claim, schedule a free and confidential consultation by calling (949) 691-3660 or complete our contact form today.

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