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$1,000,000 Recovered

Motorcycle v. Truck Accident

Our client was riding her son’s motorcycle in San Bernardino County when a tractor-trailer turned into her, jettisoning her from the motorcycle. She was knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital in a helicopter. After helping our client through her medical treatment, including numerous surgical procedures, we opened negotiations with defense counsel. Because our client had been operating the motorcycle without insurance, California’s Proposition 213 applied to her claim — limiting her recovery to her economic damages (her medical expenses).

Despite this, we were able to successfully negotiate an outstanding settlement.

$342,500 Recovered

Dog Bite Claim

Our client was walking her dog in a park near her home in Riverside when a dog walker lost control of a fully-grown Great Dane, which attacked our client. She suffered several bite wounds to her left arm, resulting in tendon damage that inhibited the full extension of her ring finger. After several months of helping our client get the best treatment available, we were able to negotiate a great settlement for her.

We obtained the policy limits of the Great Dane’s owner’s homeowners insurance policy as well as an additional settlement with the dog walking company.

$1,000,000 Settlement

Disputed Liability Against Commercial Defendant

Our client was driving his car in Hesperia when a commercial defendant turned directly in front of him, causing him numerous severe injuries including a fractured femur. The commercial defendant’s insurance company disputed liability, claiming our client was traveling at an unsafe speed and could have avoided a collision had he swerved the other direction.

Nevertheless, we were able to obtain the policy limits of the defendant’s liability insurance policy for our client to settle his claim.

$350,000 Settlement

Auto v. Pedestrian TBI Claim – Obtained More than 23x the Policy Limits

Our client was crossing the street in a marked crosswalk in San Dimas when a driver who did not notice him collided into him with her car. He was hospitalized with acute head injuries, but fortunately made a quick and full recovery.

After the insurance company botched initial settlement negotiations, we were able to obtain far in excess of the defendant’s $15,000 insurance policy by settling the claim for $350,000. This was a complex case for which the insurance company had to retain 2 separate law firms.

$300,000 Settlement

Slip and Fall – Homeowner’s Policy Limits

Our client was visiting her son at his home in Pico Rivera shortly after he had cleaned his floors. When our client arrived, she slipped and fell because the floor was still wet from the cleaning. She suffered severe injuries due to the fall, which resulted in the partial amputation of her leg below the knee.

We obtained the policy limits of her son’s homeowner’s insurance policy. She was ecstatic at the recovery we obtained for her without having to file suit against her son.

$1,000,000 Settlement

Commercial Defendant Policy Limit Settlement

Our client was driving his SUV in Pasadena when a courier van made an unsafe turn directly in front of him, causing a head-on collision. He suffered severe injuries from the impact, including a fractured sternum. He unfortunately required open-heart surgery due to complications from blood pooling around the fracture site.

After a hard-fought battle with defense counsel, we were able to obtain the defendant’s full policy limits to settle the claim. This was more than 3 times the amount prior juries had awarded plaintiffs with similar injuries on prior claims.

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