May 4, 2021 – Anaheim, California: Hit-and-Run Killed 3 in the early morning of May 4 near the intersection of Brookhurst Street and Orange Avenue in Anaheim. The crash remains under investigation. It is believed a hit-and-run driver was driving a white Mercedes Benz at high speeds when a black Kia SUV with 3 occupants pulled out of a parking lot in front of it.

The Mercedes Benz collided into the Kia SUV, causing major property damage. When first responders arrived, the Mercedes Benz was on fire and the Kia SUV’s roof had to be cut off to remove the 3 occupants from inside. Sadly, the hit-and-run killed all 3 occupants of the Kia SUV, who were sadly pronounced dead at the scene. It is believed the 3 occupants were an Uber driver with 2 passengers.

No occupants were found inside the Mercedes Benz. Police requested any nearby hospitals contact them if anyone came with car crash injuries after the collision. The suspected hit-and-run driver and her passenger were later located at a nearby hospital seeking emergency medical treatment.

A nearby auto parts store’s surveillance cameras captured footage of the collision.

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