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Imagine you are heading to work on a Monday morning. While you may be a little late, you called your boss and let the office know that you would still be on time for any meetings and appointments on your calendar. You choose to drive responsibly whenever you are on the road, and your entire family trusts you when you are behind the wheel. Unfortunately, someone is rushing to work in the lane next to you. They are speeding, ignoring traffic signs, and switching lanes excessively. In the confusion, they swerve and hit you.

If something like this happens, you may receive severe injuries due to the other driver’s irresponsible actions. In these kinds of situations, a lawyer from Younglove Law Group can offer you invaluable support. We have extensive experience in personal injury law, allowing us to use proven strategies and helpful resources for victims in need. Our clients trust us to work hard and bring great results, including helping them receive the compensation they deserve and simplifying the legal process. Schedule a free case review with our reckless driving attorneys in Newport Beach, CA today!

What Is Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving can include several activities, but the bottom line is that it ultimately increases the risk for anyone else on the road or nearby. Everyday reckless driving habits can include:

  • Significant speeding
  • Ignoring traffic signs and signals
  • Racing other drivers
  • Swerving between lanes

Reckless driving is essentially driving with active disregard for others’ safety. The driver is well aware in the moment that their actions are dangerous, but they choose to act recklessly regardless. If you are injured due to the reckless driving of a negligent party, call our reckless driving lawyers in Newport Beach for legal representation. We will fight for your rights and make sure you seek the proper help. 

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What Steps Should You Take After a Newport Beach Reckless Driving Accident?

If you are the victim of reckless driving, you may need assistance determining your next steps. Please consider our suggestions while you are constructing your strategy moving forward, as these will likely help you if you wish to receive adequate compensation for your bills and recovery. These can be especially beneficial if you choose to take legal action against the responsible party.

Seek Medical Attention for Injuries

Following any accident that results in severe injury, we strongly recommend you seek medical attention as quickly as possible. A doctor or another medical professional can help you in several ways, including recommending treatment plans, identifying latent injuries, and providing referrals to additional specialists.

We also suggest you keep track of any doctor’s notes and medical bills you may receive throughout the healing process and at least until legal proceedings close. These can help you prove your intent to make a full recovery, help accurately portray your version of events, and allow you to collect adequate compensation for medical expenses. If you need assistance finding a doctor, a lawyer can help you by providing a referral. 

Avoid Speaking About Your Case With Others

We suggest you avoid speaking about your case under all circumstances, with only one exception. While speaking with friends and family may sound comforting or helpful, there is the risk of several issues if you choose to do so. However, you can speak with a car accident lawyer about your circumstances for assistance. This is because you have the right to attorney-client privilege, meaning you have access to higher privacy and confidentiality during your legal proceedings.

Stay Off Social Media

Not many individuals know that staying off social media while amid legal proceedings is essential. This is important to avoid several risks, including any information you post being used against you during the legal process. Many parties choose to log out of social media to avoid the temptations associated with social media use, and we encourage you to consider doing the same.

Retain a Lawyer for Assistance

We strongly recommend speaking with and retaining a lawyer for assistance whenever you choose to take legal action. In the case of a car accident with a reckless driver, we suggest you speak to a personal injury lawyer near you. Your attorney can assist you in several ways, including talking on your behalf, completing and filing paperwork, maintaining your schedule and appointments, and much more.

Please refrain from representing yourself during legal proceedings whenever possible. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only need to pay them if you win your case. Self-representation brings several risks, including misrepresentation and lost compensatory value.

Your reckless driving injury lawyer is far more likely to bring you the compensation you need to recover, as well as represent you favorably. We recommend speaking with a Newport Beach reckless driving attorney as soon as possible to maximize your opportunity for favorable results.

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