Insurance companies are well-oiled machines designed to do one thing: pay you as little as possible on your claim. Every insurance company has teams of adjusters, attorneys, and experts they will use against you. Shouldn’t you have a team on your side?

You may look at your motorcycle accident and think an attorney is an unnecessary expense. “Won’t giving an attorney a share of my claim eat away at my recovery?” is a common question we have heard from prospective clients over the years. However, we have seen time and time again that plaintiffs who represent themselves (AKA “pro per” which is Latin for “for oneself”) recover far less than plaintiffs who are represented by an attorney. Keep in mind pro per plaintiffs also do much more work for their claims. Why would you want to do more work for a smaller recovery? That is time you should be spending healing (and riding your motorcycle).

In fact, insurance companies compared pro per claimants’ recoveries to the recoveries of claimants who were attorney-represented. They found that claimants with an attorney recover more than 3x as much as claimants who represent themselves! That stands to reason, as navigating a personal injury claim is a complex matter that requires not only advanced study but also years of experience.

Additionally, if having an attorney really did not recover plaintiffs extra money, why do insurance companies spend so much money every year lobbying for tort reform and propagandizing the public to think of plaintiff attorneys as unethical?

The vast majority of attorneys offer consultations at no cost to you. If you have an injury claim as a result of a motorcycle accident, it can’t hurt to review your claim with a qualified attorney.

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