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What Causes Dogs to Bite in California?

With nearly 1,000 dog bite victims needing emergency medical treatment for severe dog bite injuries each day, California's strict liability dog bite laws protect victims who are harmed due to a traumatic dog attack, regardless of what caused the dog to bite.

How to Deal with Aggressive Drivers in California

We all experience the frustrations of driving in California. Congested traffic, ongoing construction, and reckless drivers cause bouts of stress and frustration.

4 Ways to Help Prove Your Case After a California Hit-And-Run Accident

Car accidents are common across California and can result in severe injuries and property damage. Regardless of how serious the accident is, drivers must stop and assess damages.

What Not to Tell an Insurance Adjuster After Being Injured in a California Car Accident

When an individual suffers injury in a car accident, they will submit a claim with their insurance company. Insurance carriers will investigate the claim in order to avoid paying for claims that fall outside the policy’s coverage or if the claim is fraudulent.

Everything You Need to Know About California’s Comparative Negligence Law

California’s comparative negligence law, also referred to as the comparative fault law, states that a person can recover damages from a car accident even when partially to blame for the crash. Suppose an individual is found only to be 30% liable for the accident.

How to Determine Who Is At-Fault in a California Multi-Car Accident

In a California multi-car accident, multiple drivers may be held liable. Two or more drivers may share liability for negligent acts such as violating traffic laws or playing a role in the collision.

How Does Being Pregnant Impact a Personal Injury Claim?

Depending on the type of accident, injuries sustained, and how far along a mother is in her pregnancy, these factors can play a role in how severe a traumatic accident is for a mother and her unborn child. Many may sustain internal bleeding or serious bodily injury.

6 Ways Road Rage Causes Car Accidents in California

Understanding the ways a road rage incident contributes to car collisions in California may help drivers avoid getting into a heated encounters with other drivers while driving. Read about six ways road rage can cause car collisions.