California’s dangerous and traffic-riddled roads claim tens of thousands of lives each year and cause many injuries. Our roads in Anaheim are no exception to this with so many tourists and major freeway arteries.

The more tourists and vehicles we have on our roads, the more accidents and injuries we see. If you have been injured in a car crash in Anaheim, follow our 7-step guide to make sure you are protected and not overlooking any important considerations. Younglove Law Group’s Anaheim car accident lawyers are dedicated to your health and wellbeing. We will take the time to listen to what happened to you and compassionately walk you through your legal options following an accident.

Who Is At Fault for My Anaheim, California Car Accident?

If you were involved in a car accident or injured by another driver’s negligence, you will benefit from discussing your claim with a qualified car accident lawyer. California is a pure comparative negligence jurisdiction. This means a party is liable for another’s damages proportional to their fault in causing them. This can complicate claims and leave injured auto claimants confused as to how to proceed.

For example, a driver who suffers severe injuries but is 90% at fault for causing an accident will only be able to recover 10% of the value of their injury case. Many people in circumstances like this never pursue their claims, which is a mistake. Because California’s pure comparative negligence laws allow for that 10% recovery, parties who are nearly 100% at fault can still have valuable claims.

Some claimants have tried to pursue their own claims without the help of an attorney, but this is also a mistake. To continue with the above example, suppose the claimant’s case was worth $10 million and they pursued the defendant’s insurance company and recovered their full insurance policy limits of $250,000. That would generally appear to be an incredible outcome considering no attorney was involved. However, that defendant may have had an umbrella policy to pursue of $1 million or more above and beyond the $250,000 insurance policy. An experienced Anaheim car accident attorney would have uncovered this additional coverage before agreeing to any settlement. This is only 1 small example of why having the right attorney for your claim is important.

If you have an Anaheim auto accident injury claim, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm. We are always happy to listen and to discuss your best legal options. We can help you determine who is at fault and explain how to maximize the value of your claim. 


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